Night Moves Gives Back

Night Moves Gives Back

Night Moves Makes Dreams Happen!

Going to your high school prom is a staple in American tradition and a night most girls dream about and anticipate, next to their wedding of course. It’s a dream that sadly doesn’t always become a reality for a lot of young girls, even more so with today’s economy and ill-fated natural disasters.

After Hurricane Katrina affected the citizens of New Orleans, a passion to make prom dreams of affected teenage girls surged through the country and Prom Dresses For New Orleans began. Three years later, Hurricane Ike devastated the residents of Houston and the coastal cities of Texas. Just as generous people saw a need for young girls in New Orleans, the Lamplighter School in Dallas, Texas, saw the opportunity to help residents in their own state. For the 2009 prom season, a quest began to reach out to these young ladies and help make their prom not only happen, but make it a forever lasting memory.

Our great friend, Marie Connors, with the Dallas Market Center contacted us in the spring of 2010 and asked us to help make a few dreams come true, as the Lamplighter School was gearing up to help out again. Marie knows Night Moves loves the opportunity to give back and we jumped at the chance to get involved with an outstanding cause such as this one. Night Moves was able to send approximately 25 gowns to the young women of the Houston area.

We were thrilled to find a package in the mail several months later with a thank you note and pictures of the young ladies trying on the gowns we had donated. We wanted to take the time and share this extraordinary story with you, along with pictures of the girls and representatives from Night Moves and the Lamplighter School.


Posted by Brittany Schaffer at 11:54 AM
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