Ten Prom Hair Ideas

Hairs to you!

After shopping for prom dresses, the next big decision is deciding how to wear your hair. Just because one style is your fav hair-do in a magazine it could be a hair-don’t for you. It is important to remember what compliments your face shape, reflects your style, and coordinates with your prom dress all at the same time.

The big theme among hairstyles today are long, loose curls. The advantage to this style’s popularity is that it can be worn in a multitude of ways without possibly being repeated among you and your group of girlfriends.

Traditional updos will always be popular for prom, as they are understated, yet still elegant for today’s prom girl. There are ways to put a hot spin on a classic updo that you will rock the entire night of prom!

Braids, sleek looks, and voluminous hair are modern and elegant. These looks are popular among celebrities and those trends  always carryover for prom.

It is important to select a hairstyle that you won’t regret later in life or be embarrassed to show anyone pictures of your high school prom! Select something stylish, yet elegant. Take a look at our chart for tips in choosing your prom hairstyle.

Hair Do Hair Don't

Choose a style that reflects you

Select a style you will like when you look back at pictures

Reasearch how you want to style your hair

Choose a style that compliments your prom dress

Cut your hair the week of prom

Wait too long to book your hair appointment

Wash your hair the day of prom

Color/highlight your hair the day of prom


Posted by Brittany Schaffer at 11:35 PM
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